Business, Career and Life Coaching

We all need help. The question is can we afford it? Can we afford to pay and is it a cost or investment? Can we afford the time it takes? Can we afford to admit, even to ourselves, we can improve? Or can we afford to hope that continuing to do the same things will bring better results?

- Do you want your business to be more successful?
- Given business is all about relationships, could yours improve?
- Does managing people distract you from building your business?
- Are the leaders capable of creating exceptional teams?
- People deliver everything. Do you and your team?
- Do stress levels interfere with performance?
- Is there balance in your life?
- Is interpersonal conflict interfering with performance?
- Are you happy with the message about you that your role gives?
- How can personal motivation levels be increased?
- Do you have purpose in all aspects of life?

Rarely are there easy answers; however, they exist if we can find them within ourselves. Coaching must be a practical approach to personal and business development. Prepared to thoroughly test assumptions, we seek to improve the client’s situation. Rather than adopt a hands-off approach it is challenging and target focused.

An initial exploratory conversation will establish if there is value in establishing an on-going commercial relationship. Conversations can be in the office, at an alternative working location, in a coffee shop, in the home or, differently, in a walk-and-talk session. Coaching meetings can be supplemented through phone calls, emails or video conference.

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