Jobs and People
 # A tailored restructuring and realignment process
 # Transparent headcount management
 # A change of emphasis to Self Determination for the affected people
    - lifting the sense of powerlessness and hopelessness
 # Individuals monitor the redundancy process
 # Continuous management of displaced staff
 # The book "Prepare to Impress" for all potentially redundant people

Coaching/Mentoring for Human Resources Professionals
 # Demonstrating the value of HR to the bottom-line
 # Taking a strategic view
 # Maintaining the focus when short-termism prevails
 # Dealing with complex issues
 # Balancing people and profits
 # Motivation in the organisation

Creating a Virtue - Ethics in Business
 # Simple economics alone are not enough. We do not live in a world of
    pure supply and demand. Organisations are the people whom work
 # Sound companies see the wider view and genuinely want to be
    principled and ethical. They want to treat staff, funders, customers
    and suppliers fairly
 # Long term security is fatally undermined by short term cynicism and
 # Customers will discern, businesses must be openly principled,
    stakeholders must demand moral excellence
 # The moral issue does not relate to making profit; it is the direction
    and methods by which profit is made which matter
 # The acceptable face of business creates wealth, employment,
    resources and is a force for positive change

Enlightened Leadership
A programme may include: 
 # Ethics and principles
 # Motivation
 # Communications
 # Team optimisation
 # Passion
 # Dealing with conflict
 # Successful implementation of change
 # Working structure and techniques
 # Relationships
All participants would receive a copy of Potency of People and individual coaching.

Green Human Resources
(more staff want to relate to a principled and caring employer)
 # HR Strategy - overlaying broader thinking to all planning
 # Social Impact
    Strategic organisations see more broadly and want to be seen as
    Good Employers by employees, customers, suppliers and
    shareholders. Reputation is everything and it is gained through trust,
    decency and dignity. Contributing more widely to society isn't merely
    philanthropic; it is also ethical and economic.
 # Health and Safety
 # Internal and External Communications
 # On-line training
 # Travel and car policies
 # Green benefits and automated payroll

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