People deliver everything or, if led poorly, nothing.

It is our belief that too few people make a full contribution to their organisations.

Many of the issues are highly complex, not the least of which is employment law. People leadership is a difficult art; people are all different; motivations vary; aspirations fluctuate.

At the most basic level, attendance, discipline, recruitment and redundancy need careful treatment.

Individuals need support to plan careers, develop skills and to understand ways in which they can contribute.

If you want motivated staff we can help, advise and support you.


If you ask any consultant if there is a need for change, the answer will be, “Yes and I will do it for you for a fee (rarely insubstantial)”. Our principle is to solve permanently issues you raise and generate further involvement based on our effectiveness. The nature of the business relationship can vary;

Human Resources Provision :
 On call support, to advise local management and, if appropriate, to participate in-house

On-site support :
 In-house HR assistance for a specified number of days per month

Project Based :
 Specific issues with defined timescales and requirements

Learning Programmes :
  Tailored to your needs, delivered in-house or externally  

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