For groups or individuals, at all levels of the organisation, we will create and deliver highly interactive programmes.

Creative Problem Solving
Problem Solving Techniques
Virtue from Crises
Art of the Possible

Talent Development
Diversity is opportunity
Worthwhile Mentoring
Coaching to excellence
Assessment and Review

Assertive, not Aggressive
Art of Motivation
Passion in Leadership
Powerful Relationships
Ethical Leadership
Leading to Social Impact
Employee Engagement
The Circle of Teamwork
Leadership in Action
Creating Harmony in Life
Becoming a Good Employer
Good Workplace Relations
Power or Influence

Grievance and Disciplinary
Coping with Disciplinary meetings Coping at Redundancy meetings
Fair Redundancy
Layperson’s Employment Law

Business Communications
Optimising your time
Compelling presentations
Coping with presentation delivery Principles of Human Resources
Directive facilitation
Delegation, not abdication
Managing Conflict
Making good selection choices Management of Improvement Negotiation Skills
Attaining Goals
Attendance or absence

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