Seeing animals in the wild, observing their behaviour and photographing them is a joy. Being in Africa, where the creatures are lions, leopards, cheetahs and elephants, is truly amazing.

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Potency of People - A little book of leadership hints by Rob Ball and Tammy Williams with Natalie Ball

People deliver everything or, if de-motivated, nothing. Successful leadership is an advanced behaviour and we provide some key topics and points of guidance.

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You will only find a job if you Prepare to Impress. Facing unemployment, frustrated by the lack of opportunities or ambitious to advance, guidance is available.

Dealing with a tumult of emotions, perhaps including worry, fear and uncertainty, the task of job hunting can become highly stressful. Knowing how to approach it – finding vacancies, creating a CV, performing at interview – will give confidence and improve the chances of success. Many situations may feel unfair but need to be addressed.

Finding a job is not a solitary occupation but it is a full-time role. Doing it well requires thought, preparation and guidance. Prepare to Impress gives clues to those ready to make the effort to find the job or career which is right for them.

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