We can offer a range of talks for organisations. Examples are:

“Southern Africa - Encounters with Animals”
Reflections from our book Africa, Animals and Alison

“Potency of People”
People deliver everything, so how can we better utilise their skills and motivate them?

“Spouse, Work and You - Ménage a Trois?”
Examining the complex relationship between work and home lives

"Trust - Do your employees believe what you tell them?"
A challenge to the complacent and a reinforcement for those who want to do the right things.

“We have never lived at a better time”
Is the world a better place than it has ever been? Will it continue to improve?

“Cricket - Physical Chess” To describe Cricket’s beauty and why it generates such obsession, how it permeates the language and the wonder of its Laws.

"Creative Problem Solving”
Thinking differently

“The Emotional Vegetarian”
Many people would prefer not to eat animals but love the taste of meat, have always eaten meat or worry about the health issues. How do we square the moral circle?

Rob Ball has spoken at events in USA, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Portugal and Italy, as well as widely within the UK.

Tammy Ball is a leader of change and professional speaker.

Natalie Ball is a professional actor.

Please ask if there is a specific topic because it may be available. Fees will be determined by the nature of the event and the organisation.

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